Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Certification Program


"I can not even begin to thank you enough for your instruction and guidance during my Equissage NE NY certification course. It was a wonderful experience, and I feel so honored to have had the privilege to learn from the best! As a young entrepreneur in the equine industry, I know how important it is to surround myself with the right people. I am truly grateful to have found my mentors.

Doris, your love of horses shines through in everything that you do. Whether we were going over diagrams and notes, or discussing massage techniques in the barn, it was always apparent that you love what you do and take great pride in your work. What you teach, it is much more than equine massage; it is a way to open up your mind and listen to what the horse will tell you. You have taught me to be more in-tune, clearer, and more connected to the horse; making me a better rider, and trainer, equine massage therapist and horsewoman. Thank you.

Ron, your enthusiasm is contagious. You are truly a master of your art. I will never look at a horse's movement the same way as I used to. It is truly incredible to look at all the individual pieces of the horse, independently, separately. Then connect the dots, pull it together, and watch die movement of the horse perfectly as a whole... as a work of art. You have made me love being a student again, knowing there is always more to learn, that the quest for knowledge never stops. Thank you.
Please keep in touch and let me know of any upcoming clinics, workshops, or further certification courses! I will be the first one to sign up."

Kate Klisch