Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Certification Program

Equissage NE-NY ESMT Program Information

Equissage-New England / New York will only be administering the "Equine Sports Massage Therapy" program at this time. The "Canine and Correspondence courses will only be administered from Virginia.

Equine Sports Massage Therapy Program
The Equissage Certification Program has trained more than 10,000 therapists - from every state in the U.S. and 19 countries. Graduates of the program have gained national recognition and work for many of the top trainers in the equine world. A number of international graduates of the Equissage Program were selected as official massage therapists for their country's Olympic equestrian team at the most recent Olympic games.

Cost: Tuition cost for the Equissage ESMT program is $1495.

Application:  The application is available for download in both .doc and .pdf format.  Please print out the application and return with payment. Application (PDF format)

What exactly is Equine Sports Massage Therapy?
Equine Sports Massage Therapy is the therapeutic application of hands-on massage techniques for the purpose of increasing circulation, relaxing muscle spasms, relieving tension, enhancing muscle tone, and increasing range of motion in all horses from therapeutic riding and lesson horses to dressage and competitive horses.

Curriculum: The major emphasis in the ESMT Certification Program is on the application of massage techniques, strokes and sequences. Trainees will learn the basic physiology of muscles, the location of major muscles and muscle groups. Trainees will also learn to be aware of the specific conditions which may affect the horse if those muscles become strained, tense, sore, injured or not adequately nourished through blood and lymphatic circulation.

The Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification Program
Equissage-New England / New York


The Certification Program will consist of a 5 day venture into the study of Muscles, Equine Structure, Kinesiology of the muscles to be worked on, and their relationship to movements of the horse, as well as actual case studies, and the benefits of massage. We utilize “The Muscles and Functions” handbook, as well as provide two additional workbooks to be used while in training. We use DVDs to illustrate how muscles work, and equine sports massage techniques.

Our sessions run from Monday thru Friday of the week and start at 9AM and finish at 5PM daily. We also offer a “Weekender” option for those folks unable to attend during the week. (See the Calendar and Happenings Page) 

Our sessions are limited to no more than 6 trainees, which allows for our trainee to instructor ratio to be exceptional and in favor of the trainee. Our training aides are of exceptional design helping with the visualization of what lies beneath the skin as we traverse the anatomy of the horse. Our trainees are better able to comprehend the methodology being taught and its relationship to the various muscles and landmarks of the equine anatomy.

As the different groups of muscles and their function in the Equine body are learned, we then proceed to live animals to show the sequence and techniques of Sports Massage Therapy. Our methods of explain, demonstratepractice and review is very effective in enabling the trainee to grasp and retain the sequence and strokes of Equine Sports Massage Therapy. We have a 96% successful certification rate.

For further information, contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 
by phone at 860-617-1078.

Improving the Equine world, one horse at a time.

Doris & Ron Bouchard

Equissage- NE / NY

Demand: Every equestrian - owner, trainer, and rider of racehorses or show horses - wants his or her horse to have every possible edge in competition. Massage therapy can help provide that edge. Similarly, every owner of a pleasure horse wants the assurance that their horse is the best it can be. Because of the health promoting qualities of massage, as well as its curative properties, this therapy is being incorporated by knowledgeable equestrians as an integral part of their horses' total and continuous health care program.

Regarding Vet Laws: We have received many inquiries from prospective students regarding veterinary regulations in various states, including Virginia. While these laws do exist none have been enforced. The reason: When a person wants a massage, he or she does not need permission from a doctor, nor does the therapist need to get permission from a doctor before performing a massage. Alternative non-invasive therapies are not human or veterinary medicines by definition.