"I can not even begin to thank you enough for your instruction and guidance during my Equissage NE NY certification course. It was a wonderful experience, and I feel so honored to have had the privilege to learn from the best! As a young entrepreneur in the equine industry, I know how important it is to surround myself with the right people. I am truly grateful to have found my mentors.

Doris, your love of horses shines through in everything that you do. Whether we were going over diagrams and notes, or discussing massage techniques in the barn, it was always apparent that you love what you do and take great pride in your work. What you teach, it is much more than equine massage; it is a way to open up your mind and listen to what the horse will tell you. You have taught me to be more in-tune, clearer, and more connected to the horse; making me a better rider, and trainer, equine massage therapist and horsewoman. Thank you.

Ron, your enthusiasm is contagious. You are truly a master of your art. I will never look at a horse's movement the same way as I used to. It is truly incredible to look at all the individual pieces of the horse, independently, separately. Then connect the dots, pull it together, and watch die movement of the horse perfectly as a whole... as a work of art. You have made me love being a student again, knowing there is always more to learn, that the quest for knowledge never stops. Thank you.
Please keep in touch and let me know of any upcoming clinics, workshops, or further certification courses! I will be the first one to sign up."

Kate Klisch

"Equissage NE/NY is a comprehensive, well designed ESM course for anyone who is interested in developing a solid skill set that will serve as the cornerstone of their massage therapy practice.

The classroom work as well as the hands on experience is thorough and complete without sacrificing time to explore additional topics that would be appropriate for some students, but not others.

I came to Equissage well prepared to complete the certification, and was thrilled that Doris and Ron were able to tailor a program for me that allowed us to delve deeper into the additional techniques used in the industry. I came away with a confidence and excitement that was generated by their enthusiasm as well as knowledge. (I was even lucky enough to get a client the day I returned home. She was thrilled with what I was able to see and feel in her horse.)

One of the other special features of this particular program is the class size. The best way to learn is to have an instructor with you at all times while you are practicing, and the NE/NY facility allows for this “one on one” kind of interaction.

Overall, it was a fabulous experience and I can’t imagine a better way to teach this skill to trainees. Thank you, Doris and Ron, for imparting your knowledge and sharing plenty of laughs along the way!"

Liz Dollinger, ESMT
Wappingers Falls, NY

"There are so many positive aspects about the Equissage NE / NY certification process. A hallmark of the program is the personal attention and extensive hands-on experience that students receive. The additional modalities discussed and practiced help prepare students for equine sports massage in the “real world.”

Doris and Ron’s tag-team approach to classroom and hands-on learning is seamless—each student benefits from their individual and combined expertise. The “Weekender” class is great in that by splitting up the course between two weekends, students are afforded the opportunity to practice and assimilate the massage sequence during the week."

Janet Colantuono, CESMT, Yoga for Riders Instructor
Stow, Massachusetts

"Training to become a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist at Equissage NE / NY was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I enthusiastically recommend this course to anyone who is interested in improving the well-being of horses.

Doris and Ron are experienced, patient, and thorough teachers who guide their students to become ESMTs who will have the best interests of the horse, always, as the top priority."

Tony Greco, ESMT
Horse Sense Equine Massage
Cornwall, NY

"This program was wonderful. Doris and Ron love horses and that love comes out through their teaching. It was an intense course so, come prepared to work hard all week. After the course I felt prepared to start massaging horses and am now volunteering at a rescue facility, massaging horses there."

Arlene Dorischild, LMT, ESMT
New Moon Massage Therapy
Cherry Valley, MA

"I would love to write you guys a testimonial, but right now, my brain hurts too much. Let me e-mail you something. I did it!!!!!!!"

Angela Jones, ESMT
E. Hartford, CT

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Equine Sports Massage Therapy program provided by Doris & Ron Bouchard of Equissage - New England / New York.

The material was presented in an organized and systematic way that pulled everything together nicely and made it easy to learn. The practical work was explained and demonstrated very well. The class work was detailed but explained clearly. Time was set aside for clarification of any material not understood.

Doris and Ron were warm and welcoming as well as professional and informative.

I would recommend this certification program to anyone interested in learning to perform Equine Sports Massage Therapy."

Martine Miner, CLMT, ESMT

"Thank you so much for taking such great care of my horse Ginger. Though I have not been able to ride her as often as I would like, both L. E., my trainer, and my husband Scott, her previously designated rider, say she is wonderfully loose, relaxed and balanced.

I'm thrilled with her care. It has been rewarding and a pleasure to see Ginger thrive with this fabulous attention. You both have played a major roll in establishing Ginger's athletic comfort zone."

Meredith Keating

"My experience at Equissage – New England / New York exceeded all my expectations. The course was held in a relaxed setting with as much one-on-one attention as you wanted or needed. The horses were not “text book” in their reactions to massage as one might have expected (you still had to pay attention to them), however they were very well mannered and sensitive souls.

Doris and Ron gave from their heart their knowledge. You knew from the very moment you met them that they loved what they do and believe whole heartedly in the miracles that massage can perform when done properly. It was a very rewarding week!"

Deborah Crane
Equine Sports Therapies
Brooklyn, CT

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