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Weekend Options

Since beginning the Equissage- NE / NY program here in the Northeast, we have had requests from single working parents, home schooling parents, and individuals holding full and part time jobs at the same time, about attend our program on weekends.

Being a five day program, we thought it feasible to split the curriculum into a three day session on one weekend followed by the remaining two days on the following weekend. Our first attempt at this slightly modified program was in November, 2008. We feel it went over well enough to continue offering one “Weekender” per month.

For those interested in this offering, please check the calendar page of our website for “Weekender” schedules and / or changes. Look for the Weekender designated by the capital W. They will always be scheduled on a Fri-Sat & Sun, followed by the very next weekend on Sat & Sun.

Because our course application form does not have a “Weekender” choice, please be sure to write in the word “Weekender” when selecting your attendance date.

Please call us direct at 860-564-7759      -OR-    E-mail us at equisportmt@sbcglobal.net



Thank you, Louisa, for doing such an outstanding and comprehensive design on our website.

KS designs

“Graphic Artistry at its best.” Kimberly took our ideas and made them a reality in our Brochures, Business Cards, Stationery, Training Aid Posters, and other miscellaneous items needed for our business. Thanks Kim…

Arrowhead Ranch
Pryor Mountain Mustangs

A must see!!!! Pryor Mountain Mustangs have been DNA tested back to the original horses brought to the New World by Cortez in 1493. Their closest relative in the Western Hemisphere is the Puerto Rican  Paso Fino. Visit this web site to set up a visit to see, and possibly get to own a Unique Piece of History.

Phoenix Rising Equine Rescue

We support Phoenix Rising, their cause and their mission. Call, write, or e-mail to learn more about the Rescue program, adoption options, or sponsoring a horse

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